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You may be familiar with the Time Out setting from our 1.0 client. However, it's mechanics has been slightly changed in LiquidSky 2.0. Now, your Time Out will only start the countdown if you log out from your account. If you are logged in to your SkyComputer and you are inactive or if you go back to the home page and your SkyComputer is still running, the Time Out setting will NOT trigger unless you log out or exit the client. In other words, there is no system that will log you out automatically while you are logged in to your account.

In order to set up your Time Out,  you need to click on the LiquidSky drop icon (1) to open the menu, click on the exit icon (2) and select the Time Out option (3). From there you can select how long you want your SkyComputer to run for, before it turns off automatically after you log out.

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