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SkyCredits are a type of currency used by LiquidSky. You can exchange them for time spent in your SkyComputer.

  • 1 SkyCredit = 1 Minute of Access to your SkyComputer using the lowest, Gamer Performance Package. You will need 60 SkyCredits to use your SkyComputer for an hour if you are using Gamer Performance Package.

There are 2 different performance options you can choose from: Gamer, and Pro.

Gamer uses 60 SkyCredits per hour when your SkyComputer is on.

Pro uses 120 SkyCredits per hour when your SkyComputer is on.

When your SkyComputer is on, SkyCredits are being charged, even if you close LiquidSky, but leave your SkyComputer running. In order to preserve your SkyCredits, always Stop your SkyComputer before closing LiquidSky. We also suggest using the Time Out option which will stop your SkyComputer for you if it remains idle for whatever time you choose.

SkyCredits do not expire and you can use them at any time.

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